Apple iPad Smart Cover

Lots of these covers also fit the iPad Air 1 as the bodies are identical.

The go-to choice is still an attractive one, though it’s a shame Apple no longer offers the full case as this cover only protects the screen of your iPad.

It does keep your tablet slim though, and the Product Red version is really nice. Also available in white, pink, blue, and grey, its magnetic closure fits snug magnetically on the left side of the iPad and also acts as a stand for video viewing.

Twelve South BookBook for iPad

Twelve South BookBook for iPad

We are fans of the BookBook range, but it is an acquired taste. If you like then you’ll love it, a high quality leather case that protects your iPad while disguising it as an old book. Weird idea, but great execution. 

The quality on show is top drawer, and makes the sometimes slippy iPad easier to prop on your lap like a book for longer viewing or reading sessions.

Logitech iPad slim folio keyboard case

Logitech iPad slim folio keyboard case

The new iPad isn’t a Pro model, but you can ape it pretty nicely with this excellent case from Logitech.

It takes replaceable coin batteries that promise a four-year life – not bad at all. Obviously we don’t know yet if that’s true. 

The design lets you have a typing and general viewing mode, and the standing position for typing is very sturdy. One downside is that the keyboard isn’t backlit but if you don’t mind that, this is an excellent protective keyboard case.

It’s a premium price, but it’s a premium product. It also fits the iPad Air 1.

Griffin Survivor Journey for iPad

Griffin Survivor Journey for iPad

It’s a bit unusual for an iPad case not to cover the screen, but this Griffin one does it anyway. If you want a protective shell for the edges and back of your iPad, then this is for you. 

We protect our phones with cases that don’t cover the screen, so it does make sense despite the larger surface area. Griffin is famous for its great quality, shock proof cases and this one is built to help your iPad survive drops onto concrete from 2 metres. Maybe don’t test that, though.

Brydge 9.7

Brydge 9.7

Another keyboard case here, but it melds form and function exquisitely, such is its industrial design that apes the iPad it helps to protect.

It has backlit keys despite being very slim and the hinges act as tight grips that keep your iPad attached. It’s not a folio case, so acts just like a laptop.

Also greart to see is a top row of iOS specific function keys. It ties the whole iOS experience together very well and is a good way to eke more use out of your iPad for writing.

Casemade leather case for iPad

Casemade leather case for iPad

A very well made leather case is a great compliment to the luxury feel of an iPad. This one from Casemade is an attractive tan leather, and the iPad clips in easily into the sturdy plastic holder.

A brushed interior flap keeps the screen of your tablet safe from scratches while the clever stitched design allows you to stand the case up to watch video in landscape.

Toffee Osaka satchel

Toffee Osaka satchel

This Osaka satchel by Toffee is a very well made, subtle satchel that is designed to fit an iPad, as well as the rest of the day’s necessities.

It’s made from a waxed cotton to keep your safely pocketed iPad dry in a downpour. Coupled with a hidden phone pocket that sits against your body to keep concealed, the look is finished off by a sturdy leather strap and buckle. 

If you carry your iPad and charger every day, this bag is perfect to grab and go.

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