Starting at £29 from Wristouch

Wristouch produces a variety of straps with various designs, ranging from the understated to the loud.

The three main designs are Mesh, Link and Sports band. The mesh and link bracelets are made from the same 316L stainless steel used in the Apple Watch, for a durable but great-looking bracelet. The details of each bracelet are intricate and they feel like premium bands when worn. In fact, we were surprised at the quality of the bands after seeing the pricing, which is cheaper than Apple’s offering. This is especially true of the stainless steel link bracelet, which costs £449 from Apple, but only $99/£79 from Wristouch (or $119/£95 if you want it in black) despite being made from the same alloy.

Although the $49/£39 sports strap is made from rubber, its design allows it to compliment the Apple Watch. The minimalist, monochrome design is coupled with a subtle textural contrast that works really well, especially when most people are used to plain, simple Apple Sports Bands. It’s claimed that the ‘natural rubber’ used in the strap will benefit those with active lifestyles, as it won’t absorb sweat or dirt which should make it easier to clean.

There are also mesh straps, which start at $69/£55, and leather ones from $89/£70.


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