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I was looking for a good laptop at reasonable price . I have found both on this site, was easy to search , every thing which I was looking for laptop in detail. offering flexible ways to deliver as well. very pleased with website and service

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Very efficient and easy to use site the paypal intergration is the best and there is also lots of savings involved as well. A fair price. will be shopping on here again, the guest checkout feature is also useful.

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I have been looking for an all-in-one computer for some time. Visited your web site and had a chat on line with a very friendly and helpful person. He was very responsive to my questions which helped me make my decisions on which computer to buy.

Jim Thurston

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Gaming Consoles and Games Our Gaming Section provides Gaming Articles, Videos, Products and Social Media Posts. Enjoy the best that gaming has to offer with our range of games consoles. If you’re wondering which games console to buy yourself, a friend or family member and are finding it tough considering there’s so much choice? Nintendo has the Switch, Sony has the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro, and Microsoft is soon to add the Xbox One X to its line-up. We have…

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Mobile Phones & Smart Devices

Mobile Phones and Smart Devices Here at Tech on the Web, we have great deals and offers on all mobile phones. With the widest choice of networks… Get the latest & greatest mobile phone deals from the one of the best Mobile Phone Resouce and Shop. All  major networks are available. Buy Phones unlocked or on a network, upfront, or choose to pay monthly. Mobile Phones & Smart Watches. The latest in portable and wearable technology! Get it today in our Mobile…

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Computers and Technology

Computers and Technology Stay ahead with IT management and technology news, blogs, jobs, case studies, we cover a wide range of technology topics, including software, security, Keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in technology can be challenge. Our range of top computer resources will keep you in the know. Looking for Computing and Technology products? We have it all in our Computer and Technology section of our Shop. We are one of UK’s leading supplier of computer hardware and PC components.…

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Save an additional 5% on already discounted Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 has just seen almost £170 chipped of its retail price, making it a great deal for anyone looking to buy a premium laptop for school or work this summer.  While the Dell website alerts customers to a 10% deal using code SAVE10SB, which is valid until 19 August, you can unlock a 15% discount, valid until 2 September, using code SB15XPS. The £939 entry model is reduced to just £798.15 with this special code, but do remember that all Dell’s…

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Pre-binned Ryzen 3000 CPU listings reveal the limits of AMD overclocking potential

AMD designed its Ryzen 3000 processors to milk out every possible ounce of performance, leaving very little room for enthusiasts to push the pedal even closer to the metal. That’s the key takeaway from Case King and Silicon Lottery listings for pre-binned chips with guaranteed all-core overclocking headroom. Both sites validate their chips in-house and then sell them at a premium for their guaranteed minimum overclocking potential, so the faster the chip, the more you pay. The Case King offerings…

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PCWorld’s August Digital Magazine: Ryzen 3000

Stay on top of the latest tech with PCWorld’s Digital Magazine. Available as single copies or as a monthly subscription, it highlights the best content from PCWorld.com—the most important news, the key product reviews, and the most useful features and how-to stories—in a curated Digital Magazine for Android and iOS, as well for the desktop and other tablet readers. In the August issue The August cover of PCWorld is all about the Ryzen 3000 review. With its ground-breaking 7nm process,…

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Google won’t be making its own Android or Chrome OS tablets any more

If you’ve been waiting for a Pixel Slate 2 or Pixel C 2, we have some bad news: Google has confirmed that it won’t be making its own branded tablets any more—Android, Chrome, or otherwise. Google confirmed a ComputerWorld report that stated the company was done making tablets. The publication said the decision was made public at an internal company meeting this week and included two smaller-sized projects that were in development. A spokesperson from Google said: “Chrome OS has…

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You just bought a new Amazon Echo device? Do these 6 things first

So, you snapped up an Echo, Echo Dot, or another Echo device during Amazon’s Prime Day extravaganza (or during one of Amazon’s periodic Echo sales), and it’s sitting in your kitchen, silently awaiting your next order. Now what? Before you can ask your Alexa-powered Echo to play your favorite Spotify playlist or to turn on your living room lights, you’ll need to tweak a few key settings. Get the scoop on how to train Alexa to recognize your voice, keep…

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What to Consider When Building an IT Dashboard for SMBs

Building an ideal IT dashboard should be managed like any custom development project because that’s essentially what it is. Sure, on the surface, a dashboard is simply displaying data. But when you think about it, there’s actually significantly more functionality required. Most will need drill-down capability, where an alarm on the first dashboard tier needs to let an IT administrator quickly drill into more data to identify the problem. Maybe that’s included in the dashboard at a lower level or…

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Galaxy Tab S6 challenges iPad Pro, Jaybird Vista, Pixel 4 features, new Chromebooks (MobileTechRoundup show #476)

The Unihertz Titan is a massive new phone that is doing well on Kickstarter and we kicked off MobileTechRoundup show #476 talking about this new phones that may appeal to some people. We also spent time with some tablets and are getting ready for the busy fall smartphone season. Image: ZDNet Unihertz Titan reviewed: An Android “BlackBerry Passport” Pixel 4: face unlock and gestures thanks to Project Soli First thoughts on Polar Ignite Jaybird Vista headset review, easily beats the…

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8chan dropped by Cloudflare following US shootings

Web services company Cloudflare has announced that it will no longer provide security protection to the imageboard site 8chan following last weekend’s mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. Without the company to protect it, the controversial site will be vulnerable to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that have the potential to permanently disable it unless 8chan is able to find another security service. Cloudflare has cited free speech issues as the reason it has not pulled its services from…

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No, Video Games Are Not a Factor in Mass Shootings | Will Greenwald

(Photo by Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images) El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, both saw horrific mass shootings over the weekend, prompting another round of “what’s causing this?” Rather than acknowledge the political motivations of the El Paso shooter or the line of radicalization that led him toward reactionary white supremacy, a number of politicians are returning to a popular scapegoat: video games. Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and President Donald Trump all cited violent video games…

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How to turn your old phone into a home security camera

Use Manything, Salient Eye or a similar free app to turn an old phone into a security camera.  Chris Monroe/CNET If you have some old phones collecting dust in a drawer somewhere, don’t sell them for a fraction of what you bought them for. If they still turn on, you can put them to good use in your home. You could turn one into a baby monitor or a makeshift Google Home speaker, for example. Those are good ideas and…

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Social Media Tips For Startups

Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn As a growing business it is important to make use of the best platforms to engage with your customers, and the use of social media marketing is an effective way to increase your audience reach. According to social media scheduling platform Buffer, 73 percent of businesses believe that social media marketing has been very effective for their business. This expectation for instant responses has led to many business Twitter feeds pushing out “sorry about that” and…

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8 dark secrets of cloud hardware

Long ago, a server was something that was yours and yours alone. You and your team would scrutinize the specs, collect bids, fill out a purchase order, and then take delivery on the machine so it could be carefully installed and tested in the server room just down the hall from your desk. You and your team could walk over, touch it, check that the LED was burning bright, and feel secure listening to the quiet hum of the fan.…

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Monzo says it wasn’t storing ‘some’ customer PINs correctly, but has now fixed the bug – TechCrunch

Monzo, the fast-growing challenger U.K. challenger bank that recently soft-launched in the U.S., is disclosing a potential, albeit relatively limited, security oversight that saw customer PINs stored incorrectly within the company’s internal systems. Discovered on Friday, the “bug” has now been squashed after being spotted by one of Monzo’s security engineers, co-founder and CEO Tom Blomfield told me on a call just a few moments ago. Specifically, the security lapse meant that some customer PINs were simultaneously stored in encrypted…

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Apple MacBooks, ASUS laptops, Sony speakers, Bose headphones, and more on sale for Aug. 5 in the UK

Finding the best deals on top brands can sometimes be a challenge. You have to search all over the web, and wait for the right time to strike. It can be a painful process. There is another much less arduous way of securing the best deals, though. You can simply check out this deals round up for all the best offers on a wide range of products. We have done all the searching for you, and found the best deals…

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8chan, a site favored by suspected mass shooters, is losing its network home

8chan, a hate-filled forum site where multiple suspected mass murderers have posted manifestos to cheers from their anonymous fellow users, will no longer receive service from a crucial provider of web infrastructure. Cloudflare said late Sunday it will cease acting as 8chan’s content distribution network and cybersecurity provider, two days after a gunman killed 20 people and wounded 26 others in El Paso minutes after apparently publishing an essay railing against immigration from Latin America. The move will probably make…

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Nordic banks move into wearable payment technology

Consumers have been used to tapping and paying with credit or debit cards for years, removing the need to enter their cards into a supplier’s card reader and type in their PIN. Typically, such transactions are limited to low amounts of money to prevent serious issues – for the banks in particular – should cards be used for unauthorised transactions, either intentionally or accidentally. As with any new banking technology, initial take-up was slow due to perceived risks on the…

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8chan far-right forum pushed offline as Cloudflare cuts support

Image caption 8chan will likely be targeted by cyberattacks seeking to knock it offline The far-right web forum 8chan, used to celebrate mass shootings and spread suspects’ so-called “manifestos”, has been forced offline after losing its cyber-security protection. Cloudflare, a San Francisco-based firm that provides added security for websites to prevent cyber-attacks, said it would stop… This is only a snippet of article written by Read Full Article

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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Super Gaming OC Review

Manufacturer: Gigabyte UK price (as reviewed): £429.98 (inc. VAT) US price (as reviewed): $419.99 (exc. tax) Since our review of the RTX 2060 Super Founders Edition, we’ve also looked at MSI’s Gaming X version. Given its price tag and flagship status (as far as RTX 2060 Super goes, anyway), we were pretty underwhelmed; hopefully Gigabyte fares better with its RTX 2060 Gaming OC. This is a mid-tier product within Gigabyte’s stack, with the Aorus-branded card above claiming the ‘most bells…

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Three mass shootings this year began with a hateful screed on 8chan. Its founder calls it a terrorist refuge in plain sight.

A woman reacts after the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso. (Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters) The El Paso massacre began like the fatal attacks earlier this year at mosques in New Zealand and a San Diego-area synagogue: with a racist manifesto and announcement on the anonymous message board 8chan, one of the Web’s most venomous refuges for extremist hate. Like after the shootings in Christchurch and the Chabad of Poway synagogue, the El Paso attack was celebrated on 8chan…

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'The End of Forgetting': Chips with Everything podcast

This week, Jordan Erica Webber talks to Kate Eichhorn about her new book The End of Forgetting: Growing up with Social Media, which explores the dangers facing young people who may find it difficult to distance themselves from their pasts, long into the future Continue reading… This is only a snippet of article written by Presented by Jordan Erica Webber and produced by Danielle Stephens Read Full Article

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